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May 19, 2022

Having closed the books on the 49th LCLC, I reflect now on what I have learned during my first year as Director.  First, I have learned that the LCLC is a remarkable living institution.  For the past fifty years, this conference has brought together individuals united in their passionate belief that contemporary artistic and cultural endeavors deserve to be supported, celebrated and studied.  For fifty years, the LCLC has welcomed so called “creative work” to be read and viewed alongside so called “critical” or “scholarly” work precisely to unsettle this often destructive and unhelpful binary.  The LCLC has repeatedly served as the occasion and the opportunity to rethink what art, literature and culture are, what they do, and what they could be re-tasked to do in the future.

Without my colleagues and co-workers on this conference at the University of Louisville, none of this desperately needed innovation would happen.  Without the attendees, there would be no conference.  Therefore I offer my deepest thanks to all those individuals.

Now it is time to begin the planning of LCLC 50.  It would not be in the spirit of this institution to proceed in a way that merely celebrates the past with its faded accomplishments.  No, with the 50th, we look forward to renewing our efforts to make this conference indispensable to those among us who require close contact with art, literature and culture.

If you want to be a part of LCLC 50, please reach out to me.  If you have questions, email me and I will be happy to talk to you.

Let the planning commence!