The 46th Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900

February 22-24


Literatures and/of Waste

Orchid Tierney, University of Pennsylvania


If you would like to propose a paper for one of the following seminars, please contact the organizer(s) directly. Conference registrants may present a seminar paper and present work in *one* other session.

Literatures and/of Waste

Organizer: Orchid Tierney, University of Pennsylvania,

Themes of waste and waste management circulate in contemporary literature as demonstrated in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the scatological poetry of A.R. Ammons, the collages of James Schuyler and Rachel Blau DuPlessis, and the language middens of ... more

Undisciplining Interdisciplinarity: Texts, Methods, Institutions

Frank Capogna, Framingham State University, and Alexandra Gold, Boston University,

In his recent essay on new technologies and artist’s books, Kyle Schlesinger leaves open the question: “could it be … that for all of the lip service devoted to interdisciplinary, multimedia, transgenre practices, students and teachers are discouraged ... more

Women and Life Writing in the Era of Modernism

Ella Ophir, University of Saskatchewan, and Laurel Harris, Rider University,

Diaries, letters, autobiographies, biographies, memoirs: this seminar invites papers examining all forms of life writing created, edited, reviewed, recovered, or interpreted by women in the modernist era. What was the relative status of these different genres of ... more