February 2025
17–18 | Virtual
20–22 | In-Person

February 2025
17 - 18 | Virtual
20 - 22 | In-Person

MY LCLC Intern Experience

by Allison Van Dyke

April 2, 2024

As someone who plans to pursue a career in publishing, I had great experience working as an intern for the LCLC. I heard firsthand about subjects that interested me from professionals within the field, which was amazing. Additionally, Dr. Biberman (who is the director of the conference) was a great help for introductions, and everyone I met was very welcoming and interested in my work as a student. Even after the conference has come to a close, I keep in touch with some people I met through the LCLC. 

My main tasks were to manage the LCLC’s media presence in addition to working with conference attendees, both in advance of the conference and when it was ongoing. Dr. Biberman was happy to let me invent and develop our posts and he was not hesitant about sharing the positive response or compliments my work received. This made the internship very fulfilling for me.

I also took on some of the background work with the conference’s planning site, EventSquid. This not only allowed me to familiarize myself with the conference and its attendees, but also with professional software. I learned how to navigate, edit, and manage the website, which was great work experience. I created promotional materials outside of social media. For example, I created a collage for the UofL Monday Memo (see below), as well as flyers for the LCLC Keynotes.

I would highly recommend this experience to other students. The LCLC internship not only allows you to make lasting connections, but it also provides you with a freedom to explore the work that interests and excites you.