February 2024
19–20 | Virtual
22–24 | In-Person

February 2023
20th - 21st | Virtual
23rd - 25th | In-Person

Call for Papers

51st Annual Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture

February 19-20 (Virtual) – 22-24, 2023


Societies in Residence at the LCLC include African American Literature and Culture Society, E. E. Cummings Society, Durrell Society, T. S. Eliot Society, International James Joyce Society, Iris Murdoch Society, Flannery O’Connor Society, Charles Olson Society, Harold Pinter Society & International Virginia Woolf Society.



The LCLC welcomes exhibitors seeking commercial space at the conference to display and sell services and goods (books, journals, artwork) of interest to LCLC conference attendees.  Exhibitors are invited to choose between two levels of service.  A) STAFFED OR B) UNSTAFFED (QR CODE SELF-SERVICE) 

The staffed option(A) includes a table, two transferable passes, and two parking passes good for the three-day event, all for 200 dollars.  The unstaffed option (B) includes sufficient table space to display goods and takeaways and is available at no additional charge so long as the exhibitor has at least one representative registered and in attendance at the conference.


INFORMATION FOR PRESENTERS (Individuals and Groups) 


The LCLC invites individual and group submissions that fall into the following categories:  



A) Critical papers may be submitted on any topic that addresses cultural works created since 1900, typically focusing on literature, film, journalism, opera, music, pop culture, painting, architecture, law, philosophy, performance, digital media, and theatre. 

B) Original creative work may be submitted, typically literary compositions (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, drama, and hybrid pieces such as short films or must-media works).

C) Critical-creative submissions that address issues of poetics, craft, or writing practices in addition to original creative content 


GROUP SUBMISSIONS (Ad-Hoc and Group Society Curated)  

A) Critical panels

Pre-organized panel proposals are to XXX TO BE ALTERED TO EVENTSQUID be emailed to submissions@thelouisvilleconference.com with two attachments in pdf, rtf, or doc format. The first attachment is to include: (a) a copy of each abstract, including titles; (b) a rationale for grouping papers, including a suggested title and four keywords identifying themes of the panel; and (c) name, address, email address and phone number of panel organizer and/or panel chair. The second attachment is to contain a cover sheet for each participant. XXXX END EVENT SQUID CHANGE. The panel presentation should be designed for a 90-minute time slot. 

B) Creative Panels are also invited.

C) Critical-Creative Panels are also invited, focusing productively on issues of poetics, craft, or writing practices. These pre-organized panels are meant to embody the spirit of critical and creative intersections integral to humanistic studies. Panel proposals should follow the format for critical panels (see above), though keywords are unnecessary. The panel title should clearly identify the issue of poetics, craft, or writing practices being addressed. The title of the panel should highlight the issue addressed. 

Group Societies 

Organizers should XXX EVENT SQUID  email proposals to submissions@thelouisvilleconference.com as an attachment in pdf, rtf, or doc format. The attachment is to include: (a) abstracts and titles for the papers to be presented; (b) a suggested title for the panel; and (c) the following information for each presenter and the panel organizer or chair: name (as it will appear in the program), address, e-mail address, academic affiliation (if applicable). The panel presentation should be designed for a 90-minute time slot. Please include the society name in the subject line of the e-mail submission.   XXX 



Prospective conference participants are invited to propose an LCLC WORKSHOP of their design, which they will lead. LCLC WORKSHOPS typically features 120 minutes of informal conversation (to be moderated by the seminar leader (s)) on the announced topic. Past workshops have been on the long poem, law, and literature, as well as celebrations of artists and run-throughs of artistic pieces with feedback.  Approved seminars will be posted in conjunction with the issuing of acceptances.  Conference participants will then be able to sign up for the approved seminars and coordinate before the conference. Prospective seminar leaders should XXXX EVENTSQUID send an email to submissions@thelouisvilleconference.com with two attachments in pdf, rtf or doc format. The first attachment should contain the title of the proposed seminar and a 300-word summary of the seminar’s theme(s) and purposes, suitable for posting on the conference website. The second attachment should contain a submitter’s cover page (details below).  Submitter’s cover page to include:  Name (as it will appear in the program); address (home or institutional); e-mail address (necessary to confirm your acceptance); academic affiliation (if applicable); title of paper/work/seminar (as it will appear in the program); national origin/genre of work discussed (please be specific); personal biographical note (100-150 words). If you don’t hear back from us within 7-10 days that we received your submission, please e-mail submissions@thelouisvilleconference.com.  XXXX EVENTSQUID 


Conference registrants are asked to limit their participation to appear no more than twice as presenters on the program. Registrants may also chair one or more panels.  

Submissions will be considered if received by 11:59 P.M. EST on September 18, 2023. 



Submitters, as well as guests, are encouraged to chair a session. Please get in touch with us if interested. 


****Individual and panel Submissions in Spanish or Portuguese are invited.  PLEASE REFER TO OUR WORLD LITERATURE CFP FOR FURTHER DETAILS. 


Type of Ticket Price before Early Bird Deadline (January 31, 2024) Price after Deadline
Presenter: Tenured, Tenure-Track $165 $195
Presenter: Retired, Adjunct, or non-Tenure-Track $125 $140
Graduate Student $100 $115
Chair (non-presenter) $60 $70
Guest $25 (daily) $25 (daily)