February 2024
19–20 | Virtual
22–24 | In-Person

February 2024
19 - 20 | Virtual
22 - 24 | In-Person


The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900 is now in its 49th year, and has become an international event attracting more than three hundred participants annually. Scholars working in English and Spanish are invited to submit proposals on any topic pertaining to literature and culture since 1900. The Conference also welcomes submissions by creative writers. Reading committees select the strongest critical and creative works; the papers are then grouped for presentation at sectional meetings held on our campus. The conference also hosts national and international Group Societies and invites proposals for seminars. Recent keynote speakers have included Joan Retallack, Janet Lyons, Laura Mullen, Lauren Berlant, Colson Whitehead, Peter Nicholls, Joseph Lease, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Tracie Morris, Michael Handelsman, Fred Moten, Rodrigo Toscano, Johanna Drucker, Mat Johnson, Debra Castillo, Lisa Gitelman, Jack Halberstam, Juliana Spahr, James Smethurst, Dominic Pettman, M. NourbeSe Philip, Brent Hayes Edwards, Sianne Ngai, Douglas Kearney, Lynn Keller, Jed Rasula, Forrest Gander, Coral Bracho, and Marisa Parham.